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  • Horizon
  • BQ-270C
  • 2010
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  • Davidson Europe
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2010 Horizon BQ-270C. 1 carriage clamp automatically adjusted to the input book thickness, milling section for the spine with rotary milling and roughening blades, adjustable milling depth from 0 to 3 mm, glue tank with dual application rollers and side gluing rollers (adjustable amount of glue and glue length through the color touchscreen), nipping section, suction cover feeder, cover scoring, cover registration, delivery to a vertical stacker below the book loading station, double and miss detection. Machine Ref No 82316 Contact: Davidson Printing & Packaging Machinery, Corporation.  US UK Ireland Asia US sales@davidsonus.com UK sales@davidsonuk.com Asia sales@davidsonasia.com US +1 (704) 419-5003 UK +44 28304-45003 Corporate Office: US (202) 250 3415 Louise Behan louise@davidsonmachinery.com davidsonmachinery.com © 1980-2017
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