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About Us

Davidson Printing Machinery was formed in Dublin, Southern Ireland in 1980 by Sean Behan who also traded from a company known as European Cartons and Paper Printers ECCP, a company specializing in cartons and paper printing which included magazine and newspaper publications, with a separate division for security printing that had been trading since the early 1970s.

Sean came from a family of lithographic printers going back to his great Grandfather in 1904. Sean's father was also a printer so it was no surprise when Sean took up the trade. Sean says that he acknowledges his thanks to Dr. Michael Smurfit and his company for their support throughout the years. Dr. Michael Smurfit first employed him on his return from the United States.

He learned a great deal from being part of the Smurfit team. Grateful to Mr. Billy Magowan for the support he gave when he was a student at Bolton Street College of Technology being an indentured Lithographic printer for 6 years, he served under his father Michael Behan. The photo of Sean's father is shown above when he was printing the Irish sweep tickets on a Man Fast 5 in 1955.

Following the success of www.Davidson.Company Sean opened in 1984 offices in Asia to become the first joint venture partner in the printing industry to develop business with China Machinery Import & Export Corporation (CMEC) thereby becoming the Hong Kong partner for CMEC Shenzhen Shanghai and Beijing. Considered the Marco Polo of his day in pioneering many sales of Chinese-made printing machinery to the United States and Europe, He negotiated and promoted the sale of many technologies.

Davidson works faster and smarter now utilizing today's new age technologies, emphasizing the importance of the valuable virtues and ethical standards in dealing with people.

Davidson ICT Solutions. In 1995 Davidson ICT, (Information Communications & Technology) was developed offering a business-ready Internet hosting Service and Web Design combined with computer services, which include server units together with specialized software applications. 1996 Davidson introduced the first World Wide Web Internet Course Ware Training books for beginners and advance users consisting of 6 Books, 2 Video Tapes, 2 Audio Tape and 2 disk, all indorsed by IBM.

2001 Davidson added V.O.I.P. (Voice Over Internet) and Security Surveillance Systems with full integration using IP and MAC protocols operating internationally by way of wired and wireless connectivity throughour the internet and satellite. Davidson propriety secured software was transmitsed using encrypted software over networks that are monitored day and night at Davidson's command centers covering around the world, recording non-stop 24/7.

Davidson Printers Engineers 2008 US-UK. Davidson is on target with its expansion and now offers full engineering service on all continents. It now offers, full engineering service to all dealers and printers alike worldwide. In past operations, Davidson had confined its activity to in-house orders between Europe and the United States with cleaning and refurbishing, but now these services are available to all customers.

The company also offers a service for delivery/installation and demonstration for all types of printing equipment. Behan says that with new technologies, machines no longer need to be completely rebuilt, so we have developed skills to be able to offer a cleaning and check-over service, which is all most modern machines require. However if a full rebuild is needed we can supply this skill. Our engineering expansion is in line with our continued development, as this works hand in hand with our mechanical spare parts plant. In addition we continue to offer repairs to electronic circuit boards for presses.

Sean Behan finishes off in saying: We continue to welcome new partners and associates from around the world as it is important that we all work together continuing our goal, satisfying our valued customers, with special thanks to our friends in the printing industry, as the support we have received over the years in our diverse development has been invaluable. The printer is KING and we are the TIGERS supporting them. The reason our business exists is because of the printer, so let us give extra thanks to our ongoing customers locally and internationally for their support now and in the future.